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Become Secure in your relationships

Secure is a 12 week course designed to reveal the healthy attachment blueprint that already exists inside you, so that you can turn relationship distress into relationship success, whether you are currently single or in a partnership.

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Unlock Thriving Relationships

Discover the Path to Fulfilling Relationships

Enter an accelerated journey to understand your attachment patterns, heal your attachment wounds, and develop the skills for deep, lasting relationships.

The Secure course offers profound insights into relationship dynamics, helping you find clarity and solutions to your struggles.

Deep change will come from addressing the nervous system’s insecurities, developing elegant boundaries and transforming the anxious-avoidant dance into an empowered romantic polarity.

This course gives you the tools and awareness to end destructive relationship patterns so you can finally move into truly healthy long-term intimacy.

End the painful patterns

Learn this powerful framework to understand and transcend relationship challenges, so you can get on with the beautiful life, love and intimacy that you are here to actually experience.

  • Understand WHY you are the way you are in relationship

  • Understand WHY you always end up dating the same kind of person

  • Understand WHY you have the same kind of conflicts and challenges

  • Understand WHY relationships always seem to end in the same way

And understand HOW to change it all for good.

The Rise of Attachment Theory

Attachment theory has become really popular in the last couple of years, and with good reason.

I remember when I encountered it for the first time around eight years ago—SO MUCH SENSE to the struggles and challenges I was going through.

The push-pull dynamics, the conflict and triggers, the overwhelming anxiety, never quite feeling settled, always on edge, not sure whether to stay in or leave, breaking up and making up—all of it clicked into place as I learned this framework.

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Secure Course Image

A Journey of Deep Understanding

Since then, I’ve invested well over seven years learning about attachment theory. I read so many books, took all the courses I could find, and even studied it at a postgraduate level at university.

Learning about attachment theory provided me with a lot of intellectual knowledge, but it didn’t end the challenges.

Reading all the books and following influencers didn’t stop my triggers or conflicts. I still chased the wrong people, despite knowing all about the traits of the anxious and avoidant... I just had a better way of diagnosing them. I could talk about all the problems forever, but I hadn’t fixed any of them.

True Healing happens in the Body

Attachment doesn’t happen in the mind; it happens in the body and nervous system.

You can intellectually learn everything about attachment and still get blindsided by triggers, turning relationships into a nightmare of fighting about nothing... except now you just have more ammunition.

Because it’s actually the underlying insecurity in the nervous system causing the anxiety, fear, and dysfunctional coping mechanisms that sabotage intimacy. This has to get resolved in our body, not just in our heads.

With the right tools and practices, we can all become Secure.

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Secure… a course for developing security, safety, reliability, consistency, stability and healing

Somewhat boring words, perhaps, yet when we are rooted in this kind of security, what then emerges is a sustainable experience of fun, passion, play, adventure, love, romance, passion, chemistry, wildness, depth, evolution, awakening…You get to have these for the long term, not just the “honeymoon period”.

Secure shows you how to develop important life and relationship skills, such as:

Nervous system regulation: The flexibility to both self-regulate on your own and co-regulate with a partner

Boundaries: Maintaining a clear and distinct sense of self without falling into enmeshment or codependent patterns

Self-esteem: Feeling a solid experience of self-worth and the ability to stand up for yourself

Vulnerability: Clearly expressing your own inner world, needs, and desires

Listening: Truly hearing, understanding and validating others’ needs and boundaries

These are the foundational elements that we work on healing, through understanding our own distinct patterns. Each attachment style requires a different approach to gain the skills required for co-creating incredible relationships.

This course uses powerful methods and includes bonus courses to transform insecurity into inner security:

Integrated Somatic Processing: A powerful technique for turning inward, releasing deep trauma, and realigning to your natural state as love.

Relational Energetics: Partner practices that bring awareness to subtle energy dynamics so that you can create more relational harmony.

Embodied Postural Repatterning: Unlock empowered qualities and true relational potential through the way you embody your posture.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll deeply understand attachment, grow a secure blueprint whether partnered or single, and gain tools to make these shifts permanent.

Prepare for a transformational experience and claim a new way of relating!

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Course Inclusions

This course is designed to approach the process of becoming Secure from multiple angles.

What you receive in the 12 week Secure program is:

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6 modules of psychoeducational theory

These are insight-based theory lectures, allowing you to have multiple “aha” moments… the better you understand something, the easier it is to change and grow it.

All growth starts with knowledge, and then becomes embodied through practice and experience.

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Pre-recorded Integrated Somatic Processing sessions

Every two weeks you will receive new guided meditation like practices that you can do on your own time. These practices take you deep into yourself, unlocking embedded trauma and realigning you to your natural, and beautiful, unwounded self.

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12 Group Coaching Sessions

These are live coaching sessions where you can ask questions about anything attachment, intimacy and relationship that will be answered with laser precision. This is where I truly thrive. There is also the opportunity to receive live coaching on your unique challenges. 

(See below for dates & times)

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6 LIVE Workshops

Offered in two different time-zones (see below for dates & times), these workshops utilise Embodied Postural Repatterning exercises and Relational Energetics partner practices to illuminate and bring into conscious awareness the patterns of relational sabotage you are carrying... so we can finally bring an end to them.

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6 Community Insight Circles

The deepest healing comes from sharing the journey with others. These gently facilitated live sessions are an opportunity to share, be heard, hear others on their journey, and explore the rich content together as a transformational community.

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Evolutionary Community

You aren’t on this journey alone.

The community platform is here to support you, to ask questions, share experiences and insights and to have a fun healing experience together…  like a rising tide, together we will all grow.

Course Modules

The six modules are designed to build upon one another, providing a thorough understanding and practice of developing a Secure attachment system.

Each module includes psychoeducational theory, guided Inner Somatic Processing practices, Self-Awareness Reflective Exercises and a LIVE workshop.

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Module 1

Anxiety & Avoidance

This is the first ‘axis’ of attachment and describes the direction we take when distressed or challenged in relationship. Anxious attachers tend to move towards the other, whereas avoidants move away.

Neither one of these directions is wrong, but the problem is they almost always trigger each other as the primary needs are different.

The focus of this module is to reveal the inherent patterns we all carry, and move from dysfunctional to healthy functional ways of dealing with distress within intimacy.

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Module 2

Preoccupation & Dismissiveness

There are two major internal responses to distress. Similarly to anxiety and avoidance, they tend to either try to pull the other closer, or push them away in an attempt to soothe the nervous system.

These dysfunctional strategies can show up in a number of ways, yet they tend to fit under the category of preoccupation with getting the other person to respond, or de-escalating through some form of flaw-finding and dismissal.

In this module we will discover new strategies that bring us into a more holistic intimacy rather than the outdated ones that only destroy it.

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Module 3

Pathways of Healing

This module reveals the four attachment styles in the Evolve Relating model: Preoccupied Anxious, Covert Anxious (Dismissive Anxious), Fearful Avoidant (Preoccupied Avoidant), & Dismissive Avoidant.

Each style has their own needs, fears, insecurities, emotional and mental patterns, and unique pathways to healing the trauma that created them.

Here we will begin to map your unique journey, gaining insight and a clear path forward, while also learning about, and gaining compassion for, the other styles.

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Module 4

Boundaries & Attachment

Our boundaries are energetic, embodied and relational… What we say when we try to maintain our boundaries means nothing unless it’s coming from an integrated place in the body.

This is a class on energetics.In this module we will work with the distinct boundary patterns of each insecure attachment style, and bring the boundary system into a place of healthy and elegant functioning.The healthier the boundaries, the healthier any relationship will be.

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Module 5

Attachment & Polarity

One of the biggest relationship challenges is to reconcile the need to bond, attach to each other and form close companionship with the desire to maintain erotic and romantic polarity.

When we try to create polarity through dysfunctional attachment patterns, it can generate a lot of sexual chemistry but also a lot of conflict to go with it… like push-pull, and fuck-and-fight cycles.

This module supports you in untangling erotic masculine-feminine polarity from attachment, so you no longer confuse bonding with romance and sex… saving yourself from the drama that toxic infatuation brings.

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Module 6

Integrating Forward

By this point of the course you will have a significant level of understanding of attachment, your own attachment patterns and a number of tools and the skills to use them.

This module brings it all together, weaving it deep into your psyche and your body so that you are able to continue the journey of healing and growing with ease and grace.

You will understand your own path forward, and you will have all the tools and skills to navigate the challenge of a relationship with more confidence, competence, ease and grace than ever before.

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LIVE Session Times & Dates

The course officially starts June 7th with the release of the first theory module.

The dates and times for the LIVE classes are below.

Each session is held in two different time zones which, together, cover most places in the world… so that there should be a reasonable time that you can make.


These occur alternating weeks at the following dates and times:

*These sessions are recorded

**Click days to expand out and see times and dates for each session

Mondays (US)

10th, 24th June
8th, 22 July
5th, 19th August
2 - 4 pm HST
5 - 7 pm PDT
6 - 8 pm MDT
7 - 9 pm CDT
8 - 10 pm EDT

Tuesdays (AU, NZ, Asia)

11th, 25th June
9th, 22rd July
6th, 20th August
7 - 9 am Thailand
8 - 10 am Bali
10 am - 12 pm AEST
12 - 2 pm NZST

Wednesdays (EU, Africa, AU, Asia)

12th, 26th June
10th, 24th July
7th, 21st August
5 - 7 am EDT
10 am - 12 pm BST
11 am - 1 pm CEST
4 - 6 pm Thailand
5 - 7 pm Bali
7 - 9 pm AEST
9 - 11 pm NZST

Group Coaching:

These occur alternating weeks at the following dates and times:

*These sessions are recorded

**Click days to expand out and see times and dates for each session

Mondays (US)

17th June
1st, 15th, 29th July
12th, 26th August
2 - 3 pm HST
5 - 6 pm PDT
6 - 7 pm MDT
7 - 8 pm CDT
8 - 9 pm EDT

Tuesdays (AU, NZ, Asia)

18th June
2nd, 16th, 30th July
13th, 27th August
7 - 8 am Thailand
8 - 9 am Bali
10 - 11 am AEST
12 - 1 pm NZST

Wednesdays (EU, Africa, AU, Asia)

19th June
3rd, 17th, 31st July
14th, 28th August
5 - 6 am EDT
10 - 11 am BST
11 am - 12 pm CEST
11 am - 12 pm SAST
4 - 5 pm Thailand
5 - 6 pm Bali
7 - 8 pm AEST
9 - 10 pm NZST

Community Insight Circles:

These occur at the following dates and times:

*These sessions are NOT recorded

**Click days to expand out and see times and dates for each session

Wednesdays (US)

19th June
17th July
14th August
2 - 3.30 pm HST
5 - 6.30 pm PDT
6 - 7.30 pm MDT
7 - 8.30 pm CDT
8 - 9.30 pm EDT

Thursdays (AU, NZ, Asia)

20th June
18th July
15th August
7 - 8.30 am Thailand
8 - 9.30 am Bali
10 - 11.30 am AEST
12 - 1.30 pm NZST

Thursdays (EU, Africa, AU, Asia)

27th June
25th July
22nd August
5 - 6.30 am EDT
10 - 11.30 am BST
11 am - 12.30 pm CEST
4 - 5.30 pm Thailand
5 - 6.30 pm Bali
7 - 8.30 pm AEST
9 - 10.30 pm NZST

Bonus 1: Regulate & Boundaried

These two courses are offered as supplementary material to the Secure course to learn advanced nervous system regulation and boundary development tools.

You will maintain lifetime access to all three courses (Secure, Regulate & Boundaried) once Secure ends.

(Worth $600)

Secure Course Image


Regulate teaches a meditation process for healing and resolving deep trauma.

Secure Course Image


Boundaried teaches an embodiment practice for developing and healing boundary dysfunction


Bonus 2: Evolve Relating Membership

Included in your purchase of Secure, is access to the full membership for three months.

Along with the membership you also get a number of bonus workshops, and access to all upcoming workshops and masterclasses.

This allows you a total immersion in the work of Evolve Relating.

At the end of three months you are welcome to cancel or continue your membership.

(Worth $450)

Secure Course Image

This membership includes 7 more complete courses (and more on the way after Secure):







Parasympathetic Arousal

Fundamentals of Authentic Relating

Pricing Options

Full 12 week course + bonuses
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Or 12 weekly payments of $70 USD
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Here are some of the things prior participants have shared about this work.

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat."

Name Surname

Position, Company name

"I wish i had known 20 years ago that this work is soooo essential. My lover suddenly feels soft and surrendered in my clarity, safe in how i hold our container with her in mind...Beautiful, expanding, grounding....This is much needed on my life's journey... Highly recommend."

Patrick Wolf

Film work-flow Analyst

"This has been a revelation that reshaped the way I connect with people. If you're seeking a journey of self-discovery, and want more fulfilling relationships, Evolve Relating is your compass. An investment in yourself that weaves transformative threads."

Denise Ferris


"Damien’s work is an incredible study on the nature of intimacy & secure relating. He has a remarkable way of opening this field up to to new layers of insight that go far beyond the fairly fixed ideas we see in the mainstream. His work has hugely impacted my personal & professional practice as a devotee of the intimate arts and as a facilitator and coach."

Alex Mischka

Men’s Coach

"I’m starting to experience levels of intimacy I only dreamed were possible, in all my relationships and with myself. I see so many shifts in how my lover and I relate, the beauty of it makes me cry."

Rachel Bull

Somatic Guide

"I decided to do this work because I noticed that people who had, had changed dramatically for the better in their relating skills. Damien creates a space that is both edgy and safe, moving us beyond established paradigms... into new realms of relating and intimacy"

Andreas Notarpietro


About the Facilitator

Damien is the founder of Evolve Relating. He has been facilitating, teaching and coaching for 10+ years. His gift is in the synthesising of complex concepts into practical ways to grow. He weaves together authentic relating, attachment theory, polarity and awakening techniques into a holistic system of relational transformation

Frequently Asked Questions

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique.

Can I join the course alone, or do I need to be in a relationship?

This course is for both those in a relationship (couples passes are available) as well as for those someday wanting to be in a relationship.

Whether you are currently dating, focused more on healing, working through a challenging time in your relationship, or wanting to take your relationship to the next level by creating some more powerful foundations, this course is for you.

How much time each week does this course require?

Expect to put aside around an hour or so total each week on top of the live calls.

There is only 1 call a week (alternating between workshop & group coaching each week). You don't have to attend al sessions!

This extra time is for reviewing the theory content, doing the solo practices and self-awareness exercises, and interacting in the community.

This content has the potential to be life-changing if you apply yourself fully to it.

So ensure you have the time and space to invest into the container if you want the full benefits.

That's a lot of classes! Do I have to attend all of them (or any of them) to get the benefits?

The calls are there to support you on this journey.

Some people love being part of a live container, some prefer self-study. Both approaches are catered for in this course.

If you can't make the group coaching, that's fine. They will be recorded, and you can ask questions in the community.

If you can't make any workshops that's also fine. They are also recorded. Ideally you try to do the partner practices with someone though. Ask your partner, a friend, or reach out in the course community to practice with other participants (this is encouraged!).

The Community Insight Circles are there for those who want more of a community experience.

How long is course access provided for?

You get lifetime access to the course content and all recordings for the Secure course, as well as the bonuses Regulate and Boundaried.

Everything else in the membership requires an ongoing subscription to access once the three months is up.

Do you offer a guarantee, or what is your refund policy?

Results come from effort, that is how the universe works.

We believe that if you show up and invest your time and energy into this course,  you will have undoubtedly have positive transformative experiences, and grow towards increased security in your relationships.

That being said, if you go through the course with sincere effort, and find that it does not provide you with significant growth into a more secure way of relating, we will provide a refund minus 10% admin costs.

Can I join the course anytime?


The course officially starts June 10th when the first workshop happens.

Doors will close them.

Once the course completes though you will have the opportunity to purchase it as a self-paced study, or access it through a subscription to the Evolve Relating Membership.

What’s the policy on interacting with or dating other participants?

We encourage friendship amongst participants. Being in this kind of space allows you to be around other people who are moving in the same direction as you in life.

We also are open to dating and relationships forming, as long as things are entered into respectfully.

We do not tolerate harassment of any kind however.

If someone makes inappropriate approaches, these may be reported to our admin team that will deal with it accordingly.

I have more questions, how do I ask them?

Email us:

We are happy to answer any questions you might have!

Ready for real change?

End the relationship suffering and step into the life and love you are meant to experience.

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