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Our programs and courses equip you with the tools, practices and skills to support your personal evolution, and create the most incredible relationships that you know are possible.

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Your guides on the path of deeper relating

Relating, relationships and intimacy are our passion. We are deep divers and visionaries, exploring uncharted territory into the possibilities of connection. What we bring back to share with you works because it works for us and the many we have served so far.


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You are probably here because you feel a pull inside you, a desire for something deeper. You might be new to this path of exploration, or you may be a veteran… either way, you know that there is more.

We know there is too.

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Powerful Communication

All relationships are built on the ways we relate. Here you will learn the skills to become an excellent communicator.

Heal & Grow

Heal the past, liberate the future. Together we dive into the mystery and new possibilities for the human race.

Passion, Adventure & Excitement

Who says you can’t have it all? Certainly not us! When we feel safe and secure, then we truly begin to thrive.

An Evolving Future

Through thriving relationships, families and community we become powerful leaders to co-create a new future for all of us.

What are you looking for?

Evolve Relating is a living body of work. These are are our current focuses.

Become a Secure Relater

Join our Secure Intimacy membership program for an accelerated path to creating, transforming and maintaining deep, passionate and secure intimacy.

Relationships are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and challenging experiences for us humans.
The potential of so much pleasure and happiness, or pain and suffering.

Cultivate inner security so you can remain centred AND madly in love

Master the art of passion for relationships that are both hot and safe

Develop skillful relating to navigate all the challenges of relating with grace

Secure Intimacy Membership

Our membership program supports you at any stage of your journey to move towards the freedom, love and connection that are the hallmarks of healthy, thriving relationships.

"This has been nothing short of life changing! Even though I had worked as a therapist for most of my life I found myself struggling when deep attachment wounds and traumas arose. Within 2 to 3 weeks of joining I was seeing a lot of improvement in my nervous system and my relationships. A few months later I entered the healthiest relationship I’d ever been in that i’m still in now."


Intimacy & Embodiment Coach


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Delivered straight into your inbox, this course covers the four pillars to create thriving evolutionary relationships:

Learn the number 1 key Authentic Relating skill for deeper intimacy

Discover the four insecure Attachment types

Explore the energetics of masculine-feminine Polarity


Here are some of the things our participants have shared about this work.

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"I wish I did this 10 years ago. The insights, tools and embodiment practices have actually made a change in my life, in my relationships. I feel confident and empowered and I can now experience love and freedom on a deeper level. "

Floor Pijpers

Wellbeing Coach

"I’m starting to experience levels of intimacy I only dreamed were possible, in all my relationships and with myself. I see so many shifts in how my lover and I relate, the beauty of it makes me cry."

Rachel Bull

Somatic Guide

"I’ve taken Fundamentals twice. It truly is a transformational training. For me it was the many embodied practices that really created the shift. I felt so empowered by the end of it and the practices have become a regular part of my life."

Candice Storey

Holistic Psychotherapist

"I'm feeling so deeply nourished from the level of connection which is available to me from what I've learned in this course. I have absolutely no doubt that this work will continue to support me for the rest of my life, helping me to unravel the essence of who I am more deeply, and help me to experience the essence of others too. Wow, what a gift."

Jordan Biffen

ISTA Event Coordinator

"I decided to do this work because I noticed that people who had, had changed dramatically for the better in their relating skills. Damien creates a space that is both edgy and safe, moving us beyond established paradigms... into new realms of relating and intimacy"

Andreas Notarpietro


"Damien’s work is an incredible study on the nature of intimacy & secure relating. He has a remarkable way of opening this field up to to new layers of insight that go far beyond the fairly fixed ideas we see in the mainstream. His work has hugely impacted my personal & professional practice as a devotee of the intimate arts and as a facilitator and coach."

Alex Mischka

Men’s Coach

"I've done a lot of courses over the years, including many in the realm of human relating, and this was one of the best. The material was extremely valuable; Damien's lectures were clear, instructive, and to the point; the practical exercises were challenging and expansive. "

River Jade Satya

Festival Organiser

"As someone who wasn’t allowed to take up space in the world as a child, Damien’s work gave me specific trauma-informed exercises that allowed me to finally feel more confident moving through the world safer in my own skin. "

Taylor Houchens


"This has been a revelation that reshaped the way I connect with people. If you're seeking a journey of self-discovery, and want more fulfilling relationships, Evolve Relating is your compass. An investment in yourself that weaves transformative threads."

Denise Ferris


"I wish i had known 20 years ago that this work is soooo essential. My lover suddenly feels soft and surrendered in my clarity, safe in how i hold our container with her in mind...Beautiful, expanding, grounding....This is much needed on my life's journey... Highly recommend."

Patrick Wolf

Film work-flow Analyst

"This has been an absolute game changer for me. It has opened me up to incredible opportunities in life that I thought I would never get to experience. Prior to this i found myself in patterns that led to disconnection, people pleasing and panic attacks. What I believe to be possible in my life has radically shifted. "

Thomas Blom Karlsen


"I consider the time I have spent attending Damien's courses as an extraordinary juncture in my personal growth and development. The knowledge and insights gained from his teachings have proven to be pivotal and have had a profound impact on my life. "

Joanna Addison

Mental Health Worker

"If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t have the awareness of my patterns and I wouldn’t have had the tools to heal and evolve. I wouldn’t be the woman or the coach I am now. You are one of the best in the industry and have played a significant role in helping me heal my insecure attachment, I am beyond grateful for your work Damien."

Samantha Manovski

Intimacy Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Evolve Relating?

What we are truly focused on is exploring the ways that humanity can evolve and grow into new ways of being on the planet.

We believe that this must include a strong emphasis on how we relate with each other, and becoming increasingly elegant and collaborative in our relationships.

Currently our major focus is on romantic relationships, as these offer a high leverage point for transformation. Until we heal our romantic relationships, and begin to unfold the next potential of intimacy relating, it will be difficult to truly effect bigger change.

You can read more about our mission on the "About Us" page.

What types of programs and courses do you offer?

Our programs and courses are focused on different aspects needed to create effective and beautiful relationships with others.

These courses range from those on the nervous system, boundaries, authentic relating, attachment theory, masculine-feminine polarity, and more to come.

We offer standalone self-paced courses, individual workshops and our Secure Intimacy membership program which combines course work with live classes inside of a thriving community of peers dedicated to creating the conditions for incredible relationships to flourish.

Who are your courses and membership for?

We serve those who feel the call to realise their potential.

Those who know inside of them that there is more that wants to be awakened, an evolution.

Our courses and Secure Intimacy membership are for those who know that incredible relationships are possible, ones that are inspiring and filled with love and passion, yet also safe and secure enough to really grow inside of.

We support the flowering and flourishing of relationships.

Can I try a course or the membership before I commit?

We have several short courses and workshops under the price of $50 that you can explore as a small investment to see what this work is like.

Our membership does not currently have a free trial, however you are able to sign up for a weekly price to see what it's like, and cancelling is easy anytime.

If you aren't ready to dive in that deep yet, then check out our articles and podcast on the resources page, and sign up to the newsletter to see what we are all about.

What makes Evolve Relating's approach unique?

Firstly, we are focused on evolving through relationship with others. This is distinct against most spiritual and personal development approaches that focus primarily on the individual.

We see an evolutionary pulse rippling out from the individual to the couple to the family into the community/tribe.

When it comes to romantic partnering our model includes communication skills, attachment theory, polarity and awakening in union. Most other relationship teachers focus on only one or maybe two of these at most.

We see however the essentialness of developing a solid ground of communication, healing attachment wounds to create security and working consciously with masculine/feminine polarity as essential components necessary to experience more awakening, or a divine or sacred union which it is often called, with a partner.

What results can I expect from joining Evolve Relating?


What a lofty sentiment that is...

Pragmatically, our work will teach you to cultivate elegant communication skills, heal trauma and develop a resilient nervous system, create strong and healthy boundaries, earn a secure attachment, discover how to wield masculine/feminine polarity consciously, and a path to awakening into deeper intimacy.

The outcome of all of this is happier, healthier, more fulfilling, safe and passionate relationships.

Which in turn creates a happier and less stressed you.

Healthier and happier families.

And eventually this will ripple out to touch our friends and the greater community.

You evolve. Your relationships evolve. Your community evolves.

How do I access your courses or programs?

All of our courses, workshops and the membership are hosted through our platform Evolve Community.

When you purchase or sign-up for any of these, you will be able to create an account to access your product.

This is also the place where our community takes place, which you will be welcome to join in on.

How can I stay updated on new courses or other offerings?

Sign up to our email list below!

You will receive our Deep Intimacy newsletter each week where we go deep into the nuances of evolving through romantic relationship.

We will also keep you posted on any courses, workshops or free events that are on offer.

Are you ready to dive in?

The relationship you have been yearning for awaits you, will you be ready?