Nervous System

Keys to a resilient nervous system

The Regulate course teaches you powerful practices to clear your trauma, regulate through triggers and end the cycles of emotional pain for good.

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Jan 20, 2024

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Nervous System Regulation

Ready for a secure nervous system?

When your nervous system is overloaded with long term stress and all the accumulated traumas from childhood... reactive patterns snap into place leaving you stuck in overwhelming emotions and chaos.
You feel anxious or depressed, unsafe and disconnected from yourself and others ~ unable to regain your center and be your whole self.

Repatterning your nervous system is a secret key to a joyful life, loving relationships, success and abundance.

A beautiful life experience is your birthright.

Claim it with a regulated nervous system.

How regulated are you?

Every part of your life is impacted by the state of your nervous system

The natural state of a human is free, happy, open-hearted, loving and self assured

This is what it means to be regulated.

Feeling connected, open, curious, adventurous, confident and trusting.

To know you will be ok no matter what, and to live your life and relate from that place of inherent inner safety.

When we become dysregulated our awareness narrows

Our thinking becomes more negative as we enter into a fight, flight, freeze or fawn state.

We become oppositional and they become the enemy we have to defend ourselves against, run away from or sometimes we just completely shut down.

It hurts, and yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Regulate we learn to bring ourselves back to that calm, open, natural state

While also gently clearing traumas from our body, heart and mind that cause the triggers in the first place.

This is how we create inner security...

AND this is how we create the conditions to go deeper with others, without all the pain, conflict and drama.

The benefits of Regulate

Repatterning starts here

Your nervous system can be changed. This is the power of neuroplasticity. The ability for our bodies and brains to adapt to new conditions... the important part is, giving it the right kind of stimulation.

Stability & Peace

The ability to remain regulated, centred and empowered in yourself through the storms of life.

Authentic Joy

A deep happiness that upwells from the simple acceptance of being your unique self.

Emotional Intelligence

Identify, fully feel and release your wounds, free from the clouds of mental stories and judgments.

Inner Security

A capacity to navigate relationships with more calmness, curiosity and connection.

Course modules

Deeply understand your nervous system

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Module 1

Finding Center
  • Nervous System Fundamentals
  • The Window of Tolerance
  • Navigating the Domains of Experience

Module 2

Releasing Trauma
  • Flight, flight, freeze & Fawn
  • Traumatic Tension & Release
  • Developing Somatic Intelligence

Module 3

Revealing Wisdom
  • Embodied Insights
  • Completing Trapped Memories
  • Resolving Trauma Permanently

Module 4

  • The Limbic System
  • Anatomy of a Trigger
  • Emotional Intelligence

Module 5

Mental Discipline
  • Understanding Amygdala Hijack
  • Sense-Making Vs Story-Telling
  • Cognitive Intelligence

Module 6

Bonus Workshops
  • Understanding Amygdala Hijack
  • Sense-Making Vs Story-Telling
  • Cognitive Intelligence

What you receive

This course will guide you through a synergistic set of educational lectures, tools and practices to powerfully transform your nervous system

Guided Meditations

The course is practice-based with guided meditations that build through each module, creating a transformative tool. Through regular practice you will embody resilience, clear trauma and change your life.

Core Lessons

Five core lessons teach you everything about the nervous system... how your triggers are formed through trauma, the ways they play out through habituated reactive patterns, the necessary steps to healing and much more.

Journal Exercises

The key to freedom is to understand, heal and disidentify with the reactive wounds. The journal prompts in this course support you to see yourself more clearly and, as a result, gain freedom from the patterns that held you back.

Bonus Workshops

Four live-recorded bonus workshops guide you into an incredible somatic mapping tool through archetypal awareness for understanding, diagnosing and eliminating your reactive patterns permanently.

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Here are some of the things prior participants have shared about this work.

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"I consider the time I have spent attending Damien's courses as an extraordinary juncture in my personal growth and development. The knowledge and insights gained from his teachings have proven to be pivotal and have had a profound impact on my life. "

Joanna Addison

Mental Health Worker

"This has been an absolute game changer for me. It has opened me up to incredible opportunities in life that I thought I would never get to experience. Prior to this i found myself in patterns that led to disconnection, people pleasing and panic attacks. What I believe to be possible in my life has radically shifted. "

Thomas Blom Karlsen


"As someone who wasn’t allowed to take up space in the world as a child, Damien’s work gave me specific trauma-informed exercises that allowed me to finally feel more confident moving through the world safer in my own skin. "

Taylor Houchens


"I wish I did this 10 years ago. The insights, tools and embodiment practices have actually made a change in my life, in my relationships. I feel confident and empowered and I can now experience love and freedom on a deeper level. "

Floor Pijpers

Wellbeing Coach


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Course Instructor
Damien Bohler
Founder & Facilitator

Damien is the founder of Evolve Relating. He has been facilitating, teaching and coaching for 10+ years. His gift is in the synthesising of complex concepts into practical ways to grow. He weaves together authentic relating, attachment theory, polarity and awakening techniques into a holistic system of relational transformation.

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