Authentic relating

The Fundamentals of Authentic Relating

Deepen all your relationships with transformational authentic relating skills in this 8 module course

Live Online Cohort runs for 8 weeks from 20th March, 2024
Wednesdays 7 - 9pm Sydney time

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About the course

Your Path to more Authentic Relationships

Imagine having so much confidence in your relating skills that all of your relationships become nourishing, whole & empowered.

The true potential of relationships is that they can be sanctuaries of connection, healing, growth and evolution… all without the pain, frustration, loneliness and endless cycles of conflict.

This is possible.

Your journey to best relationships of your life starts here.

Benefits of joining

Authentic Relating empowers all of your relationships

The skills you learn with Authentic Relating are the foundational building blocks of communication, and apply any kind of relationship.


Move from pain, conflict and disconnection… into playful, intimate and secure love.


Have more fun, deep, mutually supportive and nourishing friendships in your life


Create family connections where you all feel seen, heard and loved… parents and children alike.


Discover the communication tools to create more flow, more team-playing and better boundaries in your work life.

Authentic Relating will transform your relationships

All relationships are created through the way we relate.

What Fundamentals of Authentic Relating teaches

Life is composed of relationships.

No matter where we turn, we will find that the quality of our life is fundamentally tethered to the quality of our relationships.

Take a moment right now to reflect on some of your most memorable life experiences.

You will probably find that at least some of them, if not all of them, include other people.
Love, family, friendships, community, prosperity, and sex… all come back to the quality of our relationships with other people.

“Humans are not solitary creatures. We are in relationship, always. Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “What is the quality of these relationships in my life?”

— Damien Bohler, course creator

We grow high-quality relationships through high-quality relating....

Relating that is vulnerable, mindful, joyful, in integrity to our authentic selves, and capable of listening deeply to others.

Yet relating is not something we are taught.

We grew up watching the adults around us and many of us didn’t have the best role models. So we’ve all inherited less-than-elegant ways of relating.

These ways of relating have been harming our relationships. Creating conflict and misunderstanding where it doesn’t need to exist.
The great thing is that relating is a skill that really can be developed.

Course modules

What you’ll learn in each module

The Fundamentals of Authentic Relating contains eight modules that build from each other to transform you into an elegant communicator

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Embodied Relating

We will explore a powerful synergy between deep listening and vulnerability through embodying the principles of presence, acceptance and non-judgment.

Reflective Listening

Developing this listening skill leads to a magical ability to really have others feel seen, heard and validated in your presence and offers a state of deep safety and relaxation.


Curiosity is a relational tool that leads others to comfortably reveal their depths, creating the possibility of beautiful and novel bonding experiences.

Transformative Listening

Expanding on the reflective listening module, here we develop the skill to offer profoundly transformative reflections and deep experiences of feeling seen.


Having the ability to vulnerably express your needs and desires leads to the depth and quality of relational experiences that you most want.


Elegant boundaries are the ability to maintain differentiation from others while also feeling close to them. This capacity is absolutely crucial in healthy relating.


This module teaches how to step into the “we” space. Stepping into this field with another, even for a moment, is deeply nourishing and expansive, beyond words.


All things come to a close. This module allows us the time and space to reflect on the experience, integrate and appreciate the beautiful journey we’ve undertaken together.

Master Your Relating. Master Your Relationships

With the tools and practices we give you in Fundamentals of Authentic Relating, you will naturally start to relate in a whole new way. And when you do, your relationships will begin to grow and evolve effortlessly.

Show up and be seen in all of you

Develop deep empathy & presence

Navigate difficult
conversations with grace

Create stimulating and trust
based connections

Heal relationship wounds
through vulnerability

Confidently express your
boundaries and desires

Course instructors

Your facilitators for this live cohort...

Anna Jaaniste


With 2.5 decades of experience as a facilitator leading groups into play, discussion and creativity together, Anna has a passion for supporting people into delightful and fruitful interaction with themselves and others. Anna has been practicing Authentic Relating for 10 years and facilitating AR for 5 years. She is a counsellor and a practicing artist.

Forté Worthy


Forté is an Adelaide-based Mindful Communication Educator and conscious musician who prioritises safety and authentic connection. With a background in world travel, music, and teaching psychology, he combines wisdom, humility, and humour to offer enriching and transformative experiences for self-discovery and meaningful connections.


Here are some of the things prior participants have shared about this work.

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Position, Company name

"If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t have the awareness of my patterns and I wouldn’t have had the tools to heal and evolve. I wouldn’t be the woman or the coach I am now. You are one of the best in the industry and have played a significant role in helping me heal my insecure attachment, I am beyond grateful for your work Damien."

Samantha Manovski

Intimacy Coach

"I've done a lot of courses over the years, including many in the realm of human relating, and this was one of the best. The material was extremely valuable; Damien's lectures were clear, instructive, and to the point; the practical exercises were challenging and expansive. "

River Jade Satya

Festival Organiser

"I'm feeling so deeply nourished from the level of connection which is available to me from what I've learned in this course. I have absolutely no doubt that this work will continue to support me for the rest of my life, helping me to unravel the essence of who I am more deeply, and help me to experience the essence of others too. Wow, what a gift."

Jordan Biffen

ISTA Event Coordinator

"I’ve taken Fundamentals twice. It truly is a transformational training. For me it was the many embodied practices that really created the shift. I felt so empowered by the end of it and the practices have become a regular part of my life."

Candice Storey

Holistic Psychotherapist

Authentic Relating supports the creation of Secure Intimacy

If you are looking to learn Authentic Relating as part of creating a healthy, thriving romantic relationship then our membership program may be the thing for you.

The complete Fundamentals of Authentic Relating course library

Weekly drop-in guided practice classes

Practice directly with others OR join the membership with your partner and be guided into practice together!

Plus so so much more…

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9-11am Wednesday April 3
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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a coach/therapist/social worker and I'm interested in whether you think this course could be help in my job?

Yes it will definitely help. We've had psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches and social workers all join this course and all have reported learning something new and having better results with their clients as they use the skills they learn here to improve their practice!

What is authentic relating exactly?

Big question! The short answer is that it is a framework of communication that allows us to show up more authentically in the world, being able to share ourselves vulnerably, own our desires more fully, and express our boundaries more clearly while at the same time being able to listen in a way that supports others to do the same.

Like NVC (non-violent communication) yet more robust, modern and with wider applications.

How does the course work? Is it live or online?

The course is run as a live online offering. There are several major components to the course:

• 8 weeks of facilitated practice sessions where all the practices from the course are covered.

• A course library with all the theory content & demonstrations of all practices (with lifetime access).

• A private chat group and opportunity for extra practices each week with course participants.

I know this course will be good for my relationship, but will it help in other areas of my life too?

Good question! For us, we truly believe that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships. The most meaningful experiences many of us have are usually with others, and this course offers you the skills to upgrade all your relationships and, as a result, impact the quality of your life overall. It certainly has for all of us!

Can you speak more about the community aspect of this course?

The course itself takes place within a container of up to 26 participants. During the 8 weeks expect to have significant bonding experiences with other participants. Solid and lasting friendships, and even relationships, have formed from this course. We have had participants be able to visit each other while travelling, and many meetups from those in the same cities.

You will be invited to a private Telegram group for the duration of the course where you will be able to easily connect with others.

I'm in a couple, can we do the course together?

Yep! This course is a beautiful thing to do with a partner, your relating will never be the same again. Over the last two years I have had several couples come through the course, all reporting significant improvements in the depth and intimacy of their connection. If you are attending in a couple, however, we request that you both sign up and attend the calls on your own devices to get the most out of the course by practicing with the other participants (the diversity of the experience adds a lot).

I'm not in a relationship. Can I do this course?

Absolutely. This course is not focused on romantic relationships, it is focused on developing relational skills… which apply to ALL relationships. These skills are powerful in dating (and I’ve used a lot of the practices you will learn on dates), with friends, with family, and even with your work colleagues! They are also great as preparation for finding a deep romantic relationship.

Are you ready to dive in?

The relationship you have been yearning for awaits you, will you be ready?