The Deepest Intimacy is created with Vulnerability

You can't have intimacy without vulnerability

To be intimate with another is to let them see and feel deeply into you...

In order to feel close to you, they need to know you...

Your fears
Your dreams
Your wounds
Your desires

And you need to know them in the same way.

Yet the paradox is that to be vulnerable is to be open to risk.

You might be hurt
You might be rejected
You might be ridiculed
You might be discarded
You might be abandoned

The deepest love is inherently the most risky
And that's part of what makes it so incredible

We are only capable of intimacy to the degree that we can be transparent with who we are.


To love is to be known
And to know

The path of intimacy is
A path of opening

Sometimes this opening is excruciating
As all the undeserving stories make themselves known
And need to be melted

Vulnerability is what creates the space to melt

To alchemise fear into love

And the rewards of opening ourselves in this way...
Of courageously meeting every fear
Of taking every risk
... is the infinite ecstasy of intimacy.

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