Parasympathetic Arousal

Unveiling the intrinsic ecstasy of a secure nervous system

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Jan 20, 2024

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Sydney NSW (GMT+11)
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Parasympathetic Arousal is a state of abundance

Abundance of passion

Abundance of turn-on

Abundance of sex

When arousal is sourced through safety and security, physical intimacy becomes absolutely effortless.

This is so revolutionary to the way the world treats our sexuality, and yet so natural and easy once you drop-in and finally experience it for yourself.

Are you experiencing the love-life you desire?

Your desire to know deep erotic love deserves to be fulfilled

Erotic energy is an infinitely renewable source of life force that naturally upwells in response to our openness and exists unchanging behind our closure

Yet when our nervous system is contracted

Our mind fixated

Our emotions stifled...

We limit access to this intrinsic life giving current.

Our innate desire to know erotic love has us seek inefficient power sources to generate the experience...

Arousal through


This creates a cycle that requires consistent stimulation to maintain it’s state,: addiction.

This leads to...

  • Endless fuck & fight cycles of drama and conflict
  • Constantly lost in the fantasy and pursuit of people who don’t want us
  • Relationships that are unbalanced and don’t meet your deepest needs and desires
  • Lack, scarcity and painful longing as our blueprint for arousal
  • Obsession with sex as relief from pain and suffering
  • Addiction to sex and hits of external validation
  • The need for friction and drama to turn you on
  • Boredom in the bedroom once the high of new relationship energy wears off

When, however, you create new blueprints of eros in our nervous systems based on security and safety, we find instead that our lives become filled with:

  • Gentle and consistent pulsing arousal
  • The ability to be turned on when you are feeling the most safe and relaxed
  • A body that is naturally open and alive
  • Our heart feeling wide and full of love and passion
  • A mind that drops into increasing states of contentment and trust
  • Increased security creating space for your souls purpose to be energized
  • A love life that gets deeper and deeper over time
  • True sexual abundance

Parasympathetic Arousal is available to everyone simply by understanding the way your natural arousal system works, and creating the conditions to repattern yourself into a higher order erotic intelligence.

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Course modules

Repattern your erotic system

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Module 1

Complete Workshop
  • Parasympathetic Arousal defined

Module 2

Inner Sexual Security
  • Relaxing into deep secure arousal

Module 3

Release & Recode
  • Clearing your sexual history

Module 4

Alchemy of Ecstasy
  • Creating a heart-sex connection

Module 5

Erotic Shadow Hunting
  • Clearing the blocks to effortless arousal

Module 6

The Current of Bliss
  • Awakening to your abundant pleasure

What's included

Education, tools and practices to transform your love-life


Educational content presented in a two-hour live recorded workshop, along with 5 audio only intimate insights offer you new perspectives and understandings into the ways your arousal is really supposed to work.


This series of guided somatic experiential meditations bring you deep into your inner world to feel, enhance and upgrade your erotic system, We explore several key areas of practice ensuring a complete transformation.

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Here are some of the things prior participants have shared about this work.

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"Damien’s work is an incredible study on the nature of intimacy & secure relating. He has a remarkable way of opening this field up to to new layers of insight that go far beyond the fairly fixed ideas we see in the mainstream. His work has hugely impacted my personal & professional practice as a devotee of the intimate arts and as a facilitator and coach."

Alex Mischka

Men’s Coach

"If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t have the awareness of my patterns and I wouldn’t have had the tools to heal and evolve. I wouldn’t be the woman or the coach I am now. You are one of the best in the industry and have played a significant role in helping me heal my insecure attachment, I am beyond grateful for your work Damien."

Samantha Manovski

Intimacy Coach

"What I love about Damien, is how it feels like everything he teaches comes from what he embodies in himself. This means his programs feel authentic and deeply lived."

Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Intimacy Coach

"I wish i had known 20 years ago that this work is soooo essential. My lover suddenly feels soft and surrendered in my clarity, safe in how i hold our container with her in mind...Beautiful, expanding, grounding....This is much needed on my life's journey... Highly recommend."

Patrick Wolf

Film work-flow Analyst


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Course Instructor
Damien Bohler
Founder & Facilitator

Damien is the founder of Evolve Relating. He has been facilitating, teaching and coaching for 10+ years. His gift is in the synthesising of complex concepts into practical ways to grow. He weaves together authentic relating, attachment theory, polarity and awakening techniques into a holistic system of relational transformation.

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