Rewriting Your Boundary History

The RE-Frame mini-course teaches you advanced boundary practices to develop safety and trust in knowing, feeling and expressing your boundaries

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Jan 20, 2024

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Sydney NSW (GMT+11)
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How have your boundaries shaped your life

Boundaries are an integral part of being human, mastering them is lifechaning

Your life unfolds as a series of choices

Every interaction

Every opportunity

Every invitation

Every request

Every decision

All of it is filtered through your boundaries...

Or lack of boundaries.

When your boundaries are weak life hurts

Without clear and solid boundaries, we don’t know how to say “no” to the wrong things or how to say “yes” to the right things.

As a result we accept the ‘wrong’ invitations and opportunities while ignoring the ‘right’ ones, taking us further and further away from the life we know we could be living... and into a life that we don’t want to be in.

But what if you could rewrite history

What if you could rapidly learn the lessons from your past mistakes and integrate them effortlessly into your present experience?

If you could learn in a way that is not just in your mind, but actually embodied.

Each session building more strength, more confidence, more certainty.What shape would your life take from here on?This is the power of RE-Frame.

The benefits of Re-Frame

Your new story

Rewriting our history is a common technique in many therapeutic and transformational modalities. When we change our relationship to the past, it affects our relationship to the present and thus creates a new future


Heal the past through integration and reclamation of your power


Realign with the life path you know you are meant to live


Know the difference between your “yes” and your “no”


Assert and express your boundaries with ease and grace

Course modules

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What's inside

This short course is practice focused, giving you multiple ways to access the technique of rewriting your boundary history

Partner Practice

This technique teaches you the method to work together with another in an advanced practice to discover, integrate and heal your boundary blocks. Practice with a friend, family member or romantic partner.

Mirror Work

Take your solo practice to a whole new level by working with yourself in the mirror! Mirror work is definitely vulnerable, yet is also a super powerful practice to explore the process of rewriting.

Guided Meditation

For the times you don’t have anyone to practice with, you can still effectively do this process in the private of your own space. The guided meditation takes you into a deep somatic visualization practice, allowing you to change the past to affect the future.

Journal Exercise

If you love to journal, then this entire process can be done in the comfort of your own notebook. Use the freedom of your hand moving words on paper to discover and repattern your experience of the past and birth a new you and a new life!

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Here are some of the things prior participants have shared about this work.

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"I'm much better at talking about my boundaries. I'm much better at presenting them in elegant ways. Learning the difference between a wall and a boundary is really powerful.I can now ask for what I want with ease, my boundaries are much more embodied. "

Sarah Waldin


"I'd previously done a lot of somatic and self development work, However there is something about the way Damien explains and demonstrates things that makes it so easy to digest and continually implement. Brilliant for both beginners and those who have been on the path for a while."

Emelitta Da Silva

Sales Professional

"This gave me insight on the various ways boundaries exist and on what level they play a role (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually). Most importantly, instead of learning about boundary work on a mental level, this workshop helped me experience how my boundaries actually FEEL in my body."

Floor Pijpers

Wellbeing Coach

"What I also loved was the concept of energetic boundaries and if they are strong enough you don't need to assert your boundaries verbally. That really changed a lot for me and I have actually seen it work in my life. As always, Damien has such an easy, understandable way to explain structures and concepts."

Sophie Dierickx

Project Manager


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Course Instructor
Damien Bohler
Founder & Facilitator

Damien is the founder of Evolve Relating. He has been facilitating, teaching and coaching for 10+ years. His gift is in the synthesising of complex concepts into practical ways to grow. He weaves together authentic relating, attachment theory, polarity and awakening techniques into a holistic system of relational transformation.

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Life’s too short to let shitty boundaries ruin it

Take Control of your future by rewriting your past

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