Nourishing the Masculine & Feminine in Relationship

Once the honeymoon period ends... and the chemical highs wear off...

Then attraction requires conscious cultivation.

One of the easiest and most beautiful ways we can do this is by nourishing the masculine or feminine parts of our partner.

Actively providing the stimulus that causes our feminine partner to radiate as she is filled with love.

Or actively offering the stimulus that causes our masculine partner to feel strong and solid.

Some of the nutrients that feed the feminine:

  • Feeling seen

Like a quantum wave, the feminine coalesces into form when she is seen. The more deeply she is seen, the brighter she naturally radiates. There is so much to see about her, there are so many depths to explore. Every curve of her body, every inch of her skin, every emotion she feels, every ever-changing part of her personality.

  • Feeling safe

The more a woman settles into her feminine, the more vulnerable she is to the ravages of the world. Providing safety for her allows the tension to melt from her body and her experience on earth to be lighter.

  • Adoration

Have you noticed that the feminine loves to be adored? Every single part of her can be adored. Her clothes, the way she moves, her hair, her skin, her smile, her eyes, her heart, her humour, her grace, her intelligence... it's endless. The more she is adored, the more these parts of her will shine.

  • Presence

Masculine attention is his most valuable currency. When he brings his full presence to her, everything stops. Deep presence can send the feminine into convulsions of pleasure, it can stop time for her and open her body instantly.


The masculine also needs to be fed to thrive.

When a masculine is undernourished his attention will wander, he will shut down and diminish...

Yet when he is similarly offered the nutrients that feed his essence, he grows into more of himself:

  • Trust

The masculine thrives on trust. To be a trustable man is important to him, and when he is offered this this important nutrient his spine straightens, his feet ground into the earth and he knows that he is important.

  • Respect

Respect evokes leadership and power within the masculine. The more he is respected, the more he knows who he is in relationship, the more purpose and pride he feels... and this feels good.

  • Admiration

When the masculine is admired for the qualities he brings, he will naturally embody more of them, they will become him and he will be grateful for the opportunity to be this for her... his power, his grace, his intelligence, his wit, his command, his direction, his certainty... there is so so so much to admire about the masculine.

  • Appreciation

To appreciate is to let the masculine know that what he does matters, and it is felt. When he does something for her, no matter what it is, from the biggest to the smallest little ways he serves her every day... appreciate every single gesture and they will magnify.


There are many more nutrients... and if you want to really know what they are, then ask.

Ask your partner, or your dates... what do they need to thrive and feel amazing?

Intimate relationships can be such an easy and wonderful unfolding of depth and love... when we actively work at them.

Feed our partners the nutrients they need, and watch them grow and thrive.

Deny them the nutrients they need, and watch them shrink and collapse.

You get to choose.

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